Coaching philosophy

Read a book about a coach and answer the following questions as if you were interviewing the coach. Answer the first 3 questions and pick 10 more questions. Just type the question and answer in paragraph form (should be at least 3 pages). Make sure you end the paper with a paragraph stating if you agree or disagree with the philosophy of the coach and why. Paper should be AT LEAST 3 1/2 pages.

1. Tell me about yourself and your background. (College you graduated from, where you coached, etc.).

2. Did you play college ball and where?

3. What is your coaching philosophy? (The beliefs and principles that will serve as your guide to action.)

4. Which of the character traits you demonstrate in your coaching are your strongest and your weakest?

5. What priority do you give to winning, having fun, ad helping athletes develop physically, psychologically, and socially?

6. Do you think winning is stressed too much in today’s society?

7. How do you develop credibility with your players?

8. How important is your player’s education. What do you do to show your players you are interested in them furthering their education?

9. What motivated you to coach?

10. What are some appropriate team goals?

11. Why is intrinsic motivation superior to extrinsic motivation for athletes?

12. What can the coach do to make daily practices seem less routine and boring?

13. How should you handle the problem of players who don’t like to practice?

14. How far should a coach go in trying to work with problem athletes?

Where do you draw the line between individual and team needs when conflicts arise between the two?

15. Is it necessary to motivate your reserves and benchwarmers as well as your regulars? How do you motivate players who don’t get to play much?

16. Do the motivational challenges facing the coach change in the course of the season? What can the coach do to maintain a high degree of player motivation when facing the prospect of a losing season?

17. (If applicable) Are there special problems associated with coaching women? Are women harder to motivate than men? What motivational approaches are likely to work best with women?

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