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Using the four CSPs you used for the week 3 Assignment, conduct additional research on information they provide to prospective customers on data security. Specifically look for protection while data is at rest (stored), while data is being processed, and while data is in transit. If you find that the original concerns still exist, provide an opinion on why there has been no change. If you find the concerns have been addressed, what contributed to the change? Also research and discuss encryption used by the CSP. What type do they use?
Lastly, include steps for confirming their data protection practices.

Note: Proper attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. All references and citations must be in APA or MLA format. You should be included a list of references at the end in addition to citing information taken from those references. This assignment should be a minimum of two pages. I attached week 3 Assignment.


Companies and organizationsare moving to the cloud due to various reason areknownto them. This depends on the type of services that the company’s want such infrastructure or software services. Ingeneral,the firmgoes cloud due to the associated benefits such as cost-effective, reliability security among other. On the other hand, Cloud Service provider (CSP) offer their services depending on the category such as Platform as Service (PaaS),Infrastructure as a Service or Software as service. (501, 2013)

There are various top Cloud Service providers (CSPs), who provide the type of service on varying degrees.This can depend on cost security,functionality among other features of factors. Before a company decides on the best, they have to carry out a comparison and then choose the best. The top Four CSPS includes:

  1. Amazon Web services are set of cloud-basedservices. These services vary from deployments to support.Amazon provides all the categories of cloud-based services that isPaaS, IaaS,and
  2. Microsoft similarly to Amazon offers its cloud services such as Office 364 and others.
  • Oracle is an also a top Cloud Service provider which I had to consider for comparison.
  1. Google also provide Google apps for business and other cloud-based


This is one of the keysto having the best cloud service provider. The firm will and need to consider their support services before enrolling in their services. The support can vary depending on the need, such as the support for VM, regional support and other. Inthis, case Amazon Web Services (AWS) has predefined regions where they have placed their VM and they do not give the user a choice on the region to have them placed. On the other hand,Googleoffers the regional support by giving the user an option to select the best region for them. Microsoft and Oracle services is similar to Amazon when it comes to regional support. (Posey, 2015)


Storage is a vital factor when it comes to seeking cloud service providers. Although storage need varies depending on the workload, variouscompany’s offer it in varying degrees. Starting with Microsoft provides basic storage with some premium package in case of additional storage spaces. Google has threestorage options including NoSQL,MYSQL,andcloud-basedstorage, eachdepending on the needs. Amazon, on the other hand,offers basic storage, which is flexible and scalable, just in case of additional storages. Oracle also offers several storage options depending on the need.


According to Weins2017 MicrosoftAzure, lead the pack with the lowest on demand and some discounted services.Inthe year2017, for instance, AWS dropped their prices, in the same year Google also dropped their prices. Itis important that company consider the cost and compare it with their competitor before committingthemselves. (Weins, 2017)


Other comparisons include connectivity, reliability security and the ease of use. Each of the company offers the above on varying bases such as basic connectivity, advanced network, full time back up and security features.

Figure 1 the top Cloud Service Provider Info graph



That it is important to have an internal consideration before embarking on searching the best cloud service provider. When you have done some internal consideration,they could then consider the amount of data/workload they would require, the level of security among others. The company should consider all the factors in relation to the level of services they expect.Forinstance; they should not consider cheap services from a CSP if the services are of high quality. Nevertheless, they should make a look at the following factors:

  1. Cost – Companyand organization should consider the best of all in relation to the other factors.
  2. Reliability – it is important to consider the provision of the services in a way that they will not let you down.
  • Also, consider availability.
  1. Security- This an important factor and companies should be assured of.
  2. Storage among other factors.




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