Clinical experience

Practicum Synthesis Objective 5

Describe how health care is organized and financed, including the implications of business principles, such as patient and systems cost factor while examining the roles and responsibilities of regulatory agencies and their effect on patient care, workplace safety, and the scope of practice.

Determine what type of organization your practicum site is and how they are reimbursed. Try to obtain an annual report online to view their overall financial performance reported to the public.  Discuss with your preceptor or other professional at the practicum site, the patient and systems that factor into reimbursement. What is the impact of regularly agencies on the site and the care they provide? If possible, take a look at how the site is organized. Is it bureaucratic or matrix? How does this organization impact the practice and care provided?

Practicum Synthesis Objective 6

Use interprofessional and intraprofessional communication and collaborative skills to deliver evidence based patient centered care and incorporates effective communication techniques, including negotiation and conflict resolution. 

Think about any interactions or/and meetings you observed; How did different healthcare professionals communicate and collaborate? What kind of communication techniques did you observe? Describe any observations of negotiation or/and conflict resolution. Describe how health care professionals communicate to include patients in their care and make care more patient-centered.


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Last Updated on April 25, 2020