Climate Migration

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Paper Prompt #3: Climate Migration


Across the globe, many individuals are fleeing violence, poverty, and corruption. However, climate change is emerging as both a direct and an indirect driver of migration that complicates existing vulnerabilities. What is the relationship between climate change and global patterns of migration? What is the role of the international community in protecting climate migrants? Use specific examples for the course readings and guest speakers to support your argument.

Some questions to think about:

(Note: These are guiding questions that you could use to frame your argument. You do not have to answer all, or any, of these if you are interested in another aspect of this situation)

  • How do diverse marginalized groups experience the effects of climate change differently? (immigrants, refugees, migrants, women, children, etc.)
  • In what ways are marginalized groups at greater risk to the harms of environmental changes?

Some possible sources to provide context:

(Note: These sources are to provide background information on the context of global migration. You may use other news sources to inform your argument. We are not asking you to summarize these articles)

Floods predicted to uproot 50 million people a year as climate heats up (Links to an external site.)

Climate Change Is Altering Migration Patterns Regionally and Globally (Links to an external site.)


Use concepts and examples from the assigned course readings and course lectures to respond to the prompt. We are not asking you to summarize the readings/lectures/news sources or answer all the questions above. We are not asking for your unsupported opinions. We are asking you to make your own coherent and well supported argument about the topic. Cite specific concepts, short quotes and examples from the assigned readings and lectures as evidence to support your own argument. Your paper needs to include a thesis statement that outlines your argument and how you will support it.

Your paper should be 1000-1200 words. Please pay careful attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Remember that citations are required for both paraphrasing and direct quotes from either the text or lecture. Feel free to cite other books and articles as needed. Include a full list of works cited at the end (APA, Chicago, or other citation standard – be consistent!). Please submit your paper on the course website under “Paper Assignment 3” by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 11th. If you have trouble submitting your paper online please email it directly to Mary Anne at or Melissa at

Essay Requirements:

  • Word count: 1000-1200 words.
    • Word count includes the title as well as the in-text citations, but excludes the header and the end-of-the-paper bibliography.
  • Format:
    • Include your nameand ID number on page 1 of your essay.
    • Include page numbersand an essay title.
    • Your essay should be double-spaced12-point font.
    • Include aworks cited or bibliography at the end of your paper.
  • Citations: citations are required for both paraphrasing and direct quotes from either the text or lecture.
    • Citation format:
      • In-text parenthetical citation (Author year, page number) with a bibliography of works cited at the end of the document.
        • (Darian-Smith and McCarty 2017, 13)
        • Darian-Smith and McCarty. 2017.The Global Turn: Theories, Research Designs, and Methods for Global Studies. Oakland, CA: University of California Press. ISBN: 9780520293038.
      • You may use the following example for lecture material:
        • IN-TEXT: (McCarty 2019).
          • McCarty, Philip. 2019. “Lecture Title” Global Studies Forum, October X, 2019, University of California, Irvine.
        • See also this link for citation guidelines: (Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.). See also the bibliography of The Global Turn for additional examples.
      • Submission procedure:
        • Papers should be uploaded to the course website (Canvas).
        • Upload your essay as either a Word document(.doc or .docx) OR PDF (.pdf). If you upload another format your essay will not be scored. If you use Pages, export to another format or print to pdf. There are converters online if you are not able to do this on your computer


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