Climate change

The paper should describe/analyze research outcomes at least 7 reference articles. Times New Roman 12, single spaced. 5 pages long and should contain, Abstract, Introduction, Current status of knowledge or method, results and conclusion.
Abstract should be no more than 300 words summarizing the current status of the knowledge within the area of environmental health reviewed.
Introduction- This should be the portion of the manuscript providing a background to a review which focuses on work published over the last few years that has advanced our understanding of the issue under consideration.
Current status of knowledge or method and results: Narrative reviews should include a ” current status of knowledge” section.This section of the review should focus on research efforts that have advanced our knowledge of this aspect of environmental/ health science and should carefully deal with divergent hypothesis when they exist. Systematic reviews should include Methods and Results section.
Conclusion: conclusions, discussion, problems or areas for future research may be included.
References: Number of references, including web citations, consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text

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