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Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report Summary for Policymakers

Here is the reading’s link:…

You should give a presentation of ~4-5 minutes summarizing the reading. You are permitted to use screensharing to show Powerpoint or other visual aids if you like, but you are not required to do so.

For the remaining 5-6 minutes, you should lead a discussion of the paper, answer questions students have, and draw connections between the paper and other aspects of the course (videos, readings, etc.) or other topics you know about from your other courses and life experiences.

  • Briefly summarize a few key points of the reading.
  • Share any points where you have a different perspective than the article.
  • Come up with interesting questions to ask the other people in your group relating to the article.
  • Bring in some related topics (from the news, from your other classes, etc.) to share with the group.
  • Create slides or a visual summary of the reading.


Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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