Classroom management

Essay Remember to use APA formatting for in-text citations and reference page. Quote and paraphrase from the textbook and other course materials and research from your journal articles.Learning Outcomes: Classroom procedures and routines are very important to the overall management of a class.

How teachers explain, demonstrate and reinforce procedures and routines are vital to effective classroom management. Teacher candidates will understand useful strategies by observing and recording best practices of classroom management as displayed in their field placement and internship sites.

Directions: Using what you observed in the classroom (section A), the studies found in Chapter 6 (section B), the journal articles (section C), the concepts mentioned in (section D) Chapter 6, and any other course materials write a cohesive and comprehensive essay on classroom management: techniques and effectiveness that includes the following:

a) Observe a classroom teacher’s use of classroom procedures. Focus on: Did the teacher use assigned seats for students? Were classroom rules hanging on the wall of the classroom? If so, what rules were listed? How often does the teacher refer to those rules? How long did it take to get students to work on a task once the entered the classroom? Were there any consequences for not being on task?
b) Read the following sections in Chapter 6 and apply to your discussion of classroom management.
a. Box 6.1 illustrates a single subject study using behavioral interventions with Shawn, a student with ADHD. Why was it so important and effective that Shawn be given the opportunity to choose his own reinforcement?
b. Box 6.2 highlights Allday & Parkurar’s research on the effects of teacher greetings. Why is this so important to classroom management?

c. Box 6.4 presents a case scenario of a student who would not complete his assignments on time. Discuss the pros and cons of Ms. Blake’s approaches and explain why certain strategies were more effective.
c) Locate, summarize, and apply TWO journal articles on “classroom management” to your discussion. Journal articles are found in the UC library database. Make sure you use the search engine for “peer-reviewed” journal articles. No newsletters, magazines, websites, or articles found the web will be accepted. What are the key elements of effective classroom management found in the articles?d) Select at least four concepts from Chapter 6 (classical and operant conditioning, types of reinforcement, social cognitive learning, prompting and shaping) discuss concepts and apply to your discussion of “classroom management.”

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