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Classical Mythology Question

You will post an image and write a supporting paragraph, built around a contemporary or recently-deceased person, or even a fictional character, who you think fits the concept of the Greek hero as we have learned about it in the podcasts, being as specific as possible. Since the Greek concept of the hero is very, very, different from our modern use of the word, please be sure that your assignment reflects the ancient concept. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

  • See the Grading Rubric for details. (Click the link on the left course menu for this.)

In this assignment, you are to identify a modern figure and compare him or her to the concept of the Greek hero. You must also include an image (picture in .jpeg, .gif, etc. format) of the modern figure. You must post your response before you can view other threads in this forum. You are to submit your image and written paragraph response for Unit One.

The paragraph must be well written, creative, and demonstrate a clear and full understanding of the hero in Greek religion, and must make a detailed comparison between the modern figure and the Greek concept of the hero as we have learned about it in this course.


Last Updated on January 26, 2020

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