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Classical Management Case Study

1. In what ways are elements of Classical Management evident in how things are done at Zara International?

Define and describe Classical Management. Mention one Classical Management Theory that you would use to discuss if Zara uses it. In this presentation, I would be using Taylor’s SM Theory.

Outline the features of Classical Management or Taylor’s SM Theory

Feature of the theory – then provide evidence from the case study to show the theory

2. Which model of management could better explain the success of Zara: Systems Theory or Contingency Theory? Critically justify your answer.

Argue if you are arguing you need to select one theory and explain with evidence why it is a better explanation of Zara’s success.

Critically justify:

3. Based on your research on Zara and the apparel industry, has the company been doing well (performance or being effective) in the last 12 months? Critically justify your answer.

A good answer would evaluate Zara’s performance using relevant performance Metrics:



Brand image

Value of its assets (fixed, liquid, debts, etc.)

Company’s Innovations (e.g., product, service, etc.)

Sustainability successes and/or failures

Customer satisfaction

Employee satisfaction

How To Structure Your Work

Slide 1: Cover slide: Presentation Title | Name | Student ID

Slide 2: Objectives

1. To explain evidence of Classical Management at Zara International or To explain the use of Classical Management in Zara

2. To argue whether the Systems Theory or the Contingency Theory is a better explanation of Zara’s success or To determine the Contingency Theory is a better explanation of Zara’s success


Slide 3: Classical Management and its Use at Zara

Defining and describing Classical Management

Slide 4: Taylor’s Scientific Management

Defining and describing Taylor’s SM

Slide 5 – 6/7: Evidence of Taylor’s SM at Zara

Slide 8 – 10: Zara’s Success: Systems Theory or Contingency Theory

Define and describe the theories properly

Slide 11 – 12: Systems Theory is Responsible for Zara’s Success

Arguing with evidence

Slide 13 – 16: Evaluating Zara’s Performance for the last 12 months

Slide 17: Reference List

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