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Children and families in times of crisis

Case Study Report

Refer to the learning in this module to demonstrate and highlight your understanding.
Ensure you show evidence of wider reading and use Harvard referencing throughout.
Apply the concepts and your understanding of communities to the family in the case study.
Use good clear academic writing style throughout
Ensure your report has a good academic report structure.

Module Title:
The child and the family

Assignment Type:
Case Study Report

Module Learning Outcomes

2. Analyse different types of family structure and parenting styles
3. Recognise the impact of religion and culture on the family and child
4. Demonstrate an understanding of crisis points in the family and how these might impact on young children
6.Outline changes in legislation and policy that impact on families and evaluate the influence of these on families with young children today

Required Task

You are required to write a case study report (2,000 words). The title will be:

Children and families in times of crisis
Assignment Brief


Historically, the family has been the building block of society, but today, the family unit in the UK has fundamentally changed. The reasons for

these changes are many and varied and include changing economic conditions, divorce rates, loss of traditional support networks and poverty. Strong

families are central to being healthy, happy and well-adjusted and provide the basic values and moral codes for the developing child.


Your report will be based on the following crisis points.

• Children of families that fled a war zone and are seeking asylum in Europe

1. Consider the potential impacts of this crisis point on the child and family.
2. Identify and explain potential religion and/or culture can have on this family crisis
3. The value of statutory and non-statutory support in this crisis
4. An outline of legislation and social policies and evaluation of their influence of children families

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