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Child Guidance Research Presentation

Child Guidance Research Presentation (200 points)
NAEYC Key Standards:
la, 1c
6c 6d
SS 3, 4, 5

Assignment: 1

Research a topic dealing with challenging behaviors of children for teachers and families.
Choose a topic from the given list. Then complete the following:
Choose one of the following Topics

Helping Children Make Transitions between Activities
Using Environmental Strategies to Promote Positive Social Interactions
Helping Children to Manage Their Own Behavior
Helping Children Express Their Wants and Needs
Fostering Emotional Literacy in Young Children: Labeling Emotions
Appropriate Ways to Acknowledge Positive Classroom Behaviors (use strategies from CSEFEL
Understanding Temperament in Infants and Toddlers

Research Paper

Write a 4-5 page (including cover page and reference page) research paper. Begin your paper by
writing 2-3 paragraphs to explain why the topic you chose is important to promoting a quality
early childhood environment. Next, explain your topic in a scholarly and well thought out
discourse. Be sure to include information regarding theory, guidance, and any other case studies
or pertinent information regarding your topic. You MUST use at least 3 resources, including the
CSEFEL website. Resources should be credible and reliable, from a trusted early childhood
source. Information should never be gathered from Wikipedia, or other unreliable source.
If you are unsure of a resource’s reliability or credibility, please ask. Paper should be in APA
style format. Do NOT plagiarize. All papers will be submitted via the Safe Assign Software, so
that plagiarism is flagged. Remember to cite all information correctly, if it is not an original
thought, it must be cited! Grammar will count, so – I HIGHLY suggest you utilize the writing
g resources at J CC to review your paper.
Any paper flagged for significant plagiarism receive a 0 for the entire assignment. This
includes your PowerPoint presentation.

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