Chapter 4 questions

Answer these questions from chapter 4 in the book with very short answer.


Please the answer for these questions should be just two- three words because it will be in exam multiple chose questions from these questions . so, the answer will be very shorts.


  1. Review Box 4-1. What are a few interesting facts about teenagers?
  2. What behaviors might indicate a teenager has negative self-esteem?
  3. What might be the consequences for adolescents who engage in activities such as cutting, excessive piercings and tattoos, or extreme weight loss?
  4. Why should occupational therapists working with teens be receptive to discussions about sex?
  5. What is self-esteem?
    What is body image?
  6. What is self-determination?
  7. What is body dissatisfaction?
  8. According to research, which statement best reflects the self-esteem of teens with disabilities?
  9. Review Table 4-2. What are some typical psychosocial developments in adolescents?  How does the relationship of an adolescent change as they mature through the adolescent phases?
  10. What are an occupational therapist’s roles when working with an adolescent with disabilities?
  11. How does allowing adolescents with disabilities to choose clothing and experiment with their appearance benefit them?
  12. Why must occupational therapy practitioners also be aware of the emotional adjustments for parents of teens with disabilities?
  13. Adolescents with disabilities may require occupational therapy services to help them achieve independence in self-care skills. What is frequently the reason for the need for additional services?
  14. What is identity diffusion?
  15. What is moratorium?
  16. What is identity foreclosure?
  17. What is identity achievement?
  18. Which group of adolescents is more likely to demonstrate lower self-esteem and poor self-concept associated with body image and engage in more risky behaviors?
  19. What are the benefits of work for adolescents?
  20. What are the benefits of relationships with non-familial adults for adolescents?
  21. What are ideal attributes for an occupational therapist to have if they want to work with teens?


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