Changing Role(s) of Management Accountants

Critically Appraise the Changing Role(s) of Management Accountants.

Assignment Question
“For many management accountants, their organizational role has also changed in recent years.
Evidence suggests that many of today’s management accountants undertake advisory roles
within their place of work, as business partners whose primary task is to solve business
problems and to help instill more commercial astuteness in both day-to-day and strategic
decision-making situations” (Burns, J. et al, 2013, p. 5 ‘Management Accounting’, McGraw-Hill).
Critically appraise the changing role(s) of management accountants.
1. Objective:
For students to research and convey a sound knowledge of latest developments in the
(supposed) changing nature of management accountants’ roles in business. Using both
practitioner-oriented and academic research, students are expected to present a thoughtful and circumspect assessment of such developments. In addition, the assignment encourages
development of students’ written communication skills, an essential element of tomorrow’s
(professional) accountants’ skills.
2. Format
• 1,500-word essay (excluding bibliography and appendices)

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