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CASP Qualitative research analysis

Qualitative Paper Critique

First, go to and then click on ‘CASP Qualitative Checklist’ to download this.

You should then choose one of the papers listed below to be assessed using the checklist.

Gustafsson, E., Dellve, L., Edlund, M., & Hagberg M. (2003) The use of information technology among young adults—experience, attitudes and health beliefs. Applied Ergonomics, 34, 565-570.

For this component of the portfolio, you need to assess your chosen paper using the CASP Qualitative Checklist. You should select 3-4 sections / questions from the checklist’s 10 sections / questions on which to focus your critique, total of 1000 words excluding references.

Last Updated on February 27, 2018

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