Case study on Specific student’s diversity in education

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  1. Use Paul Chavez Case Studies from Nieto and Bode’s Affirming Diversity (Starts on page 285 of the PDF)
  2. Using Bronfenbrenner’s Bio-Ecological Systems Theory, first analyze how various social systems influence your subject’s life. Draw visual representations of your ideas. What institutional barriers might s/he face? How do various examples of inequality influence his/her life? As relevant, use course readings to inform your analysis. (Two PDF files)
  3. Write an introduction paragraph to your paper that briefly introduces your selected case study, the BEST model, and the purpose of your paper. Remember to state the thesis of your paper.
  4. Write up your analysis of your selected case study. This analysis should be thorough, addressing dynamics in each system. Remember that space is limited. You may wish to list the majority of interactions and/or institutions in a system, then go into a thoughtful discussion of those interactions and/or institutions that have the most significant impact on the target person of your analysis. This analysis is the heart of your paper, and should take about 6 – 7 pages. As relevant, use course readings to inform your analysis – for example, Takaki can be used to flesh out elements for the chronosystem.
  5. As college students, you are expected to cite at least THREE external sources to inform their analysis of the case study. These sources can be used to support any element of the analysis, however, most students have found it helpful to cite external sources for both the macro- and chrono-systems. You can find examples of published articles that employed ecological systems theory as a theoretical framework and cite these studies as appropriate. Take advantage of these additional resources to deepen your analysis. (Find three additional sources- Cite in addition to the material I’m providing)
  6. Conclude your paper by discussing strategies that would help your selected case study student to excel in school. Imagine that you are the student’s teacher. Given your analysis, how would you support him/her? What strategies, approaches, or ideas will you act upon in order to nurture his/her resilience and promote his/her academic achievement? Provide 2 – 3 approaches/strategies that you would employ. This discussion should be between 1 – 2 pages in length. You may wish to draw on examples offered by Schniedewind and Davidson (Opening Minds to Equality) to inform your development of meaningful strategies to support the academic achievement of your focal student.
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You must incorporate some of our assigned readings into the discussion of your BEST case analysis. The readings on cultural identity, linguistic diversity, and academic achievement may prove relevant and appropriate to aspects of your paper. Be critical and creative in your analysis of your case study, and development of your strategies to support the academic achievement of your case study student. (Sleeter&Grant, banks, Franquiz Bilingual Ed PDFs)

This assignment should range between 8 – 10 pages. Papers should not exceed 10 pages – excluding a title page (optional), references, and visual representation (optional – which should be attached as an appendix). All papers should list your name, identify the case study under consideration, be double-spaced, have one inch margins, use Times New Roman 12 point font, and include page numbers. All supporting sources should be cited using APA (6thedition) and included in the reference section of the paper.

Analysis papers will be evaluated based on the quality of writing (clarity, organization, etc.), appropriate and critical application of Bronfenbrenner’s Bio-Ecological Systems Theory, quality of analysis of the case study, appropriateness and creativity of suggested strategies, integration of class readings and other supporting sources, and appropriate citations and use of APA.


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