Case Study and Reaserch

• Resource: Book by Bernard Marr
The Cases are: BBC, LinkedIn and the writer can chose one of Google, Apple, or Twitter. The writer should communicate if they find difficulty with the case, and want to change it to another case.

•Create an one page document (Word/PDF) for each of the cases addressing the following points:
1. Industry (e.g, Retail, Entertainment, Media, Industrial, etc.)
2. Company Size in Revenue ($)
3. Company’s Primary Business / Products
4. Company’s Customers
5. Business Function(s) (e.g, Sales, Finance, Distribution, Procurement, Accounting, etc.) associated with the Big Data initiatives
6. What is the company’s Big Data challenge or opportunity
7. What type of Data is involved in this
8. What are the Big Data characteristics of this data ( 3-Vs of Big Data)
9. Identify and map the Big Data components of the company to the blocks on the diagram attached You can label/number the blocks of the diagram in your way and refer to those block numbers in the mapping output
10. What Data is used for the Big Data initiative
11. How are the required data integrated, collected, cleaned, scrubbed
12. What type of database/data store is used to store the Analytics Ready Data
13. What type of Analytics are used in the solution (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive)
14. What business impact or results are expected by the company. Include both tangible and intangible benefits
15. Do you find any Business Metamorphosis outcome as a result of the initiatives
• ALL of the above points must be addressed in separate sections

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