Case Law Prisoners Rights Essay

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1. Go to Goggle search and type in Google Scholar.

2. On the Google Scholar’s page click on Case Law then click on California

3.In them search bar type in “Case Law Prisoner’s Rights

4. Select and save the case you want to do your essay on.

Read and become familiar with your case and determine the crime, Burglary, Homicide, Theft, Assault etc
Return to Google search:
1. Go to Link for penal codes.
2. Click on Text Search

3. Click on penal code and type in at the top of the page in the search bar the name of the crime in your case and click on search.

Now you should see the different definitions for the crime in your case.There will be different definitions for your case crime Select and save the penal code and fitting definition in your case. The construction of your essay will consist of a Cover page (APA) formatting consisting of a Running Heading and title of your paper.

Refer to Purdue Owl handout for correctness. The body of your paper will consist of an Introductionparagraph heading, Issue paragraph heading (A brief explanation of what happen). RuleParagraph heading (the legal crime penal code definition of the issue) Finally, Applicationparagraph heading and Conclusion Paragraph Heading. The last page of your essay will be your Reference Page.

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Case Law Prisoners Rights Essay

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