Career Opportunities and Skills Required

It might be difficult for you to imagine yourself in a professional role using your newly earned accounting degree. Or maybe you’re already using your course information and skills and are formalizing your education by earning your degree. In either case, it’s always a good practice to reflect on what skills, degrees, and certifications employers are looking for in their new hires, and what positions are available in your area.

As you reflect on your education and work path thus far in your life, consider the impact of your education and how you will continue to learn throughout your life, not just in the classroom but on the job, in training, workshops, seminars, and professional development opportunities.

Using at least one Internet search engine, research and gather the finer details for two open positions in your geographic area( Location is Tampa, Florida); one should be a position that you can obtain now with your Associates Degree in Accounting, the other should be a “reach” goal position–something that you might need some more experience, education, or time in the industry to obtain. Learn more about the general requirements and expectations of careers using the Occupational Outlook Handbook: or O*NET OnLine: While conducting your research, take notes about your process, including the search engine you used, your search terms and phrases, and the ways you narrowed your search results to your specific field and region.

Once you have located the requirements of these two positions, create a table in Microsoft Word that includes the following information:

  • Name of employer
  • Title of position
  • Location of position
  • Pay rate or range
  • Prior experience requests or requirements
  • Accounting specific skills required
  • Transferable skills required
  • Certifications required

Once you have completed the table, address the following questions in the Word document below your table.

  • How do you rate your accounting specific skills in relation to the requirements of your attainable position chosen? Are you ready to start your new career? Or do you feel that there will be more to learn once you land the job? Give specific examples to support your assessment of your job readiness.


  • How do you rate your transferable skills required in your attainable position chosen? Which transferable skills would you like to enhance to better prepare you for this position? Give specific examples of how you might go about doing so.


  • How might you prepare yourself for job interviews for these positions? Using at least two credible sources (articles from professional magazines and associations, case studies, and newspaper articles might be especially helpful) from Rasmussen College Library databases such as Business Source Complete and Business via ProQuest, research and learn about interview preparation tactics. Then think about and explain some interview preparation strategies that you would use.


  • Considering your “reach” goal position, do you feel you have the accounting specific skills necessary right now to perform well in that position? Is it a reach because of the experience required or the education required? Or both?


  • Do you see yourself going back to school to earn additional credentials or pursuing certifications to assist you in securing a position such as this? Explain any additional degrees or certifications you feel might be necessary and helpful as you progress through your career.


  • Explain which Internet search engine(s) and library databases you used. Which resource(s) did you research from those queries? Explain the search terms you used and share to what degree of success you experienced with those terms. Were they too broad or too specific? What search terms and tools ultimately brought you to your desired results?

Provide APA in-text citations and a reference page to indicate sources selected and used.

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