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Business Studies Methodology

The research question is:

What are the perceptions of younger managers to older/elder subordinates regarding the judgment of performance and productivity?




Part 1: Methodology (2 pages)

Define methodology. Explain and expand 2-3 different methodologies that would be appropriate for the above-stated research question. Then identify which methodology has been chosen for the research and Why.


Part 2: Methods (2 pages)

Explain how you will do your research, and explain why you have chosen these methods for your research question. This section should include:

  • Data collection: 2 possible data collection methods for your research question, identifying which one you will use.
  • Sample (See Chapter 9 of the textbook): Who or what will be the source of your data?
  • Data analysis: Identify and explain an appropriate data analysis approach for your research question and your data collection method.


Part 3: Ethical Considerations (1 page)

Include an explanation of any ethical considerations for your project. If you believe there are none, then you must give an overview of what key ethical considerations are for researchers and why they don’t apply to your research.


Required number of references


A minimum of 6 academic references in total (ie not online dictionaries, but academic articles, books and book chapters).

You must use academic references to support your definitions, explanations and choices throughout


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