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Business Law Week 7 Discussion

Business Law Week 7 Discussion Board Question

You must be Detail in your respond to the question

When the indictment was made public, Salvador Hernandez, assistant director of the FBI in Los Angeles, said, “Whether we characterize this tragic case as ‘cyber-bullying,’ cyber abuse, or illegal computer access, it should serve as a reminder that our children use the Internet for social interaction and that technology has altered the way they conduct their daily activities. As adults, we must be sensitive to the potential dangers posed by the use of the Internet by our children.”

Some states have now passed specific statutes to make cyberbullying a crime.

Why would the judge not find a criminal violation? Is it a crime to bully over the Internet?


Please define what a crime is and state the difference between criminal and civil law.


Additional Information for Assignment:




Federal Stalking Laws: (

New York Aggravated Harassment Laws: (

Federal and State Stalking Laws: (

New York Cyberbullying: (

State Cyberbullying Laws: )



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