Business Intelligence

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You must select 1 of the 3 company topics listed below. With each topic, you will act as a new Business Intelligence consultant for the companies. Each company would like to launch a new service or product line within a specific geographical location, but first need a new Business Intelligence plan.

You may be creative and brainstorm a new product or service idea for the company. As a BI consultant, you must develop a Business Intelligence plan for the coming year. Customer stories, as provided by, and videos will serve as a starting point of research. ) ) )

For your Module 01 course project, you must submit a 1-2-page Word document that outlines your course project topic. Your document must include the following:

  • A brief history of the company.
  • Explain your new product or service idea and the geographical location in which it will be launched.
  • You must make sure the open source datasets found on or are available to support a BI plan for this new product or service. Explain the best data source of analytics for this product or service, such as Technology, Public Safety, Environment, Education, Finance, Transportation, Census, Health and Human Services, or other areas.
  • Explain possible problems or business opportunities this new product or would resolve or provide.
  • List at least 2-3 stakeholders and explain why each has an interest and an effect on the business.
  • Identify at least 3 stakeholders’ needs and possible opportunities.


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