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You have been hired as a consultant to present a BI framework to an US organization. The US organization is interested in using business intelligence solutions to help with strategic decision making and has asked you to demonstrate how BI tools can analyze data selected from a public dataset. You will provide a written and oral presentation of your BI solution implementation to the stakeholders of the US organization.BI tools include Tableau, PostgreSQL, R, SAS and Python.
Your BI solution should include:

  • The organization’s background and why you chose it
  • Describing the planning phase of the project
  • Identifying the benefits of using BI tools to make decisions
  • Explaining what data set you selected and your rationale
  • Identifying data storage methods (if any) to store the data
  • Describing data models or process flow diagrams that may be used in the project
  • Identifying the BI tool(s) and techniques you used to analyze the data
  • Identifying data visualization tools (reports, dashboards, and query, for example) to communicate and display data
  • Performing an analysis and visualization with the data you have chosen. You can use the analysis from Module 5 as a starting point.
  • Discussing the outcomes of the data analysis you performed with a BI tool we have discussed in the course
  • Programming code and screenshots of data analysis outcomes, including uploading the screenshots to GitHub.

Your Capstone Project Presentation should:

  • Include a reference slide with at least 4-5 scholarly or peer-reviewed sources from the CSU-Global Library.
  • Be 15-20 slides.
  • Include author’s notes on each slide.
  • Be well-written and in conformity with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links


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