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Organizations are rarely composed of just a single person or a single organization that functions without interacting with other people or organizations. There are many components or parts in an organization’s make-up, each contributing to the overall functioning of the organization and its behavior. If all the parts are working well, the organization operates efficiently.

However, if one part stops functioning, this affects all the other parts and the overall organization. Though other parts may be able to compensate for the nonfunctioning part so that the organization continues to function, efficiency is lowered. Organizations have both internal and external parts—such as stakeholders. The challenges of nonfunctioning stakeholders can be internal, external, or both.

Research the application of systems theory to organizations and their stakeholders.
Then, respond to the following:

• How does systems thinking apply to an organization’s culture, goals, and structures?
• How are the stakeholders of an organization interconnected and interrelated?

Integrate various types of systems, such as open and closed systems, that might be present in organizations in your answer. Give reasons and examples, supported with appropriate academic literature, when developing your responses. Be sure to cite to APA writing standards for paraphrases and direct quotes.

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