Business and finance homework

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Section 1: Answer BOTH questions. Length should be approximately 400 words each.

  1. Conduct a PESTAL analysis of the Wentworth Institute.
  2. Explain the importance for Australian managers of understanding different Perceptions, Beliefs and Attitudes in their employees. How can these different factors impact on productivity?

Section 2: Answer ONE of the following Essay Questions. Length should be 1000 words

  1. Using Woolworths as a case study, critically explain the impact that technology is having on organisational behaviour.
  2. Analyse the potential impacts of Covid-19 for the relevance of the Five Factor Model of Personality and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  3. ‘Companies that . not manage change effectively. die.’ Discuss the importance of effective change management strategies with reference to either Nokia or Netflix.

Answers must have Academic References in APA format and a Reference List.

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