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“For an organization and employee alike, the only real security is the ability to grow, change and adapt”

Your Task:

Take an example of any organization that brought changes in its structure, design, technology, human capabilities or any other area.


Explain in detail the following facts:

  • Introduction of that company; what it was before and after the change.


  • Analyze what motivates that organization to bring changes?


  • What kind of support that organization gets in order to incorporate changes. Does that company consult any OD practitioner to guide about the change if yes, then how it moved on in contracting process? If no, then explain the process adapted by the company to implement change.


Please Note:


  • If you take any information from the internet, put proper references otherwise it would result into marks deduction.


(Level 1)

(Level 2)

(Level 3)                     

(Level 4)

Communication Skill (CS 2) Each level has 1 Mark


1.        Understanding–introduction to company and how it moved on for a change


Introduction is not given inappropriately by not explaining how it was before and after


Introduction is given moderately with a brief idea about how the company was before and after.


Introduction is given satisfactorily with a satisfactory idea about how company was before and after.


Well written introduction and idea about how the company was before and after change.



Analytical Skill (AS 2) Each level has 2 Marks


2.        Analysis– Analyze the factors that motivates the company to go for a change


Factors are not identified appropriately.


Factors are identified at a moderate level.


Factors are identified at

a satisfactory level.



Factors are identified very clearly and appropriately.



Analytical Skill (AS 6) Each level have 2 Marks


3.        Evaluate – Evaluate the process of contracting.



Process is not evaluated appropriately.




Process is evaluated moderately.




Process is evaluated satisfactorily.




Process is well evaluated.



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