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Building a brand: ALDI China

As a global executives traveling to China, your task is to prepare a business plan for the expansion of ALDI into the China Market.

Should ALDI open in China? Who are the competitors?


Guidelines for the task:

  • Build your own model as not every model suits all countries. What country adaptation needs to occur for China?
  • Involve your stakeholders including the customers. Survey customers, discuss the idea of a ALDI in China.
  • Advance the corporate vision.
  • Cross cultural issues. Are these successfully addressed by ALDI
  • Exploit any new technology. Is the infrastructure evident in Australia?
  • Investigate costs. Is it cheap for people to shop at ALDI
  • Product availability.
  • Create the right delivery system. ALDI is famous for its supply chain management system. Can this function in China?
  • Selling the message ALDI, Is the message strong enough, does it have meaning and value to the consumers?
  • Social responsibility and ethics. Can ALDI be ethical in countries where these concepts have little or no presence.
  • ALDI plans to go Green, will this have an impact on China shoppers?
  • Include Situation Analysis, SWOT/TOWS, and recommendations in Feasibility study.



  • Conduct appropriate research into the specific business area as dictated by the professors.
  • Advanced analytical skills of theory against the practice of business response to cross cultural issues.
  • Advanced skills of reflective practice in identification of challenges to personal ethical value, including social justice issues, cultural diversity, social and environment challenges.
  • Written and verbal skills.


Last Updated on January 19, 2018

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