Bribery and Corruption Discussion Question

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Discussion Question:

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Bribery and corruption is an important topic that is only lightly discussed in the text. Please do an internet search concerning Rob Blagojevich and Jesse Jackson, Jr. who with both convicted in FBI corruption cases. Both of them were charged with, and convicted of, wire fraud. Blagojevich was also convicted of some conspiracy, bribery and extortion charges but not others and was eventually sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. On the other hand, Jesse Jackson, Jr. was only convicted of wire and mail fraud and was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment. Please discuss the following:

– Do you think the disparity of these two prison sentences is fair in light of the facts?

– Do you think it is fair for the Government to use the wire fraud, mail fraud and false statement criminal statutes to go after politicians involved in bribery and corruption?

– Why do you think the Government used those statutes instead of using the bribery and extortion statutes against Jackson?

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