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Brand car model

Write a research-based paper that is at least 1,500 words, include at least 4 scholarly research sources in addition to the course textbook and the Bible, and be in current APA format. Use the template provided!

Choose a specific vehicle industry brand / product (one that you have not used in this course (or any other course) to-date). Examples could include brand car models like the Tesla Model S, Ford Focus, etc. and then develop a brand scorecard on that product. You must select a specific car model as demonstrated in the examples.

The subject headers (in APA are centered on the page as you know) to be included are:

Brand Product Choice
Current Brand Reputation
Overall Satisfaction
Trustworthiness of Brand
Not the Norm
In this section of the paper you would discuss what they are doing today that is not the ‘norm’.
In this section, you identify what this brand might consider.
Christian Integration for Brand – How could the company make itself a Christian brand?
In this section tell us their brand score card…are they a ‘bigger, better, or stronger’ brand today and what might they be if they took your advice?

In your APA formatted paper, subject headers are centered on the page of course, not left-margin justified as they are in these directions.

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