Black Infant Mortality

This response essay draws upon multiple sources:
• Class discussion (semester long)
• (African American Health)class readings and lecture
• Unnatural Causes video ‘When the Bough Breaks’

Poverty is a contributing factor to African American women’s poor birth outcomes, yet poverty alone does not explain reproductive

disparities observed in the United States. In recent years, research has identified stress as an important factor contributing to these


1. What sources of stress may contribute to higher rates of black infant mortality?

2. How might the effects of various stress formsinteract and accumulate over time to contribute to poor birth outcomes among black women?

3. How may research findings influence health policy to improve birth outcomes among black women? (Given what we know from the birth

outcome research literature, how may health policy be shaped to reduce infant mortality?)Specific examples should be provided (vs. goals)

This essay should be an integrated synthesis of multiple sources (those listed above and others you may find). Do NOT simply summarize

the readings. The essay will have the typical 3 sections: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. The Body of the essay addresses the 3

questions (one paragraph each)

Essay length: 3 pages
In-text citations and reference lists required

Offers insightful and thorough analysis and explanation in response to the questions posed in the assignment

Develop ideas clearly and fully, effectively integrating and elaborating on specific textual evidence from a variety of sources

Discriminates between relevant and irrelevant information and between fact and opinion; reports current data; sources are credible

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