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Biomedical Issues, Euthanasia and Donations 

Discussion 1: Biomedical Issues and Euthanasia

Discussion Question 1:    Due Thursday by 11:55 pm CST

Objective:  Students will expand their knowledge on the trends in societal attitudes toward euthanasia, policies, and practices related to issues of dying and compare institutionalized practices for dealing with death and dying in different cultures through readings and a discussion with other students in the class.

  1. First read Chapter 8: Biomedical Issues and Donations 
  2. Discussion Question: 

Provide arguments for and/or against:

  • National legislation legitimizing mercy killing.
  • National legislation legitimizing the selling of human organs.
  • The establishment of national registration of live donors.
  1. Answer the Discussion question above.  Pose your own question and answer another student’s question. 


Posts must be made in the discussion forum by 11:55 pm on Thursday.

You must have the 3 posts described above to get full credit.  You need to provide an analytical answer and not just an “I agree”.  If you say you agree with someone else, then you need to explain why you do.  Answers should be 3 to 5 sentences. Your grade on the discussion question will be averaged with your grade on the second discussion question, article posting, and two chats to count for 20% of your grade.

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