Biology Discussion Question 8

Details are below 2-3 paragraphs are good, it is only a discussion. Please watch video and read materials to answer questions.…

Before you begin crafting your discussion response for this week, be sure to read the required materials and watch Episode Four of the Designing Healthy Communities PBS miniseries. These episodes are designed to work with the readings to give you a broad understanding of the topics that we discuss in class.

For this final week, take your community action plan and expand your Cure and Prevention plans to support the wider community—e.g., if you were looking at a neighborhood, broaden your scope to the city or region in which you live or consider your permanent residency; and if looking at a city, expand to the county.

Provide some ideas on how the successes might be maintained and how the problems might be solved. For now, think in terms of a 20- to 30-year time period. Remember that healthy community plans include ideas on how to protect the city from uncontrolled growth and unhealthy construction, and will always favor community building.





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