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The two comics that I chose to read include superman and Ms. Marvel. Both of these are American comic books featuring different superheroes. To begin with is superman which is comic book that features DC Comics Superhero Superman as its main protagonist. The first magazine to be launched featuring superman appeared in the shelves in 1939. Secondly is the comic book Ms. Marvel which features Kamala Khan as the superhero. She is a Pakistan-American girl from New Jersey and actually the first Muslim girl to be featured on her own comic book. Her first solo series debuted in February, 2014 a year after featuring Captain Marvel.

These comics mentioned above have reflected diversity, social issues, and popular culture in the society in different ways. For example, the 2016 Superman was a Chinese a thing that shows that America appreciates people from all races. Secondly, as Superman was being launched in the 1930s, the comic helped in appreciating the various gender attitudes by featuring a female star known as Lois Lane that was depicted as strong, independent, and respectable. In terms of social issues and popular culture, Superman also comes in handy here. For instance, apart from reflecting on the battle of good versus bad in the society, this comic book tried to reflect on the beliefs of its creators Jerry and Joe who were Jewish immigrants who had already adapted the American way of life. In the 1930s, superman reflected on the challenges Americans faced back then such as social injustices and corruption and demonstrated that injustices should and could be overcome. It also reflected on the creators’ social struggles such as being short teenagers with glasses whom could not get dates easily. This comic book also reflected on the popular culture back then of social inequality and corruption.

On the otherhand, is Ms. Marvel which features a Muslim American girl from New Jersey. It is for sure shows diversity right from how it features a Muslim of whom are usually treated as a minority in the society. Furthermore, featuring a woman as a superhero in a country where men are believed to be superhero is also a thing that shows diversity. The comic book helps in fighting the current prejudices in the country about the Islamic religion where Khan counters the negative portrayal of Muslims in both the American culture and media. The book helps in promoting diversity and appreciating others by making the invisible both visible and loved.
The documentary Wonder Women is another big thing that explores the concept of heroic women. It actually features all the heroic women since the birth of superhero back in the 40s to those blockbusters in the TV screens today. This documentary features fans, writers, cast of scholars, and heroines such as Gloria Steinem, Linsey Wagner, and Lynda Carter. This documentary in short helps in challenging the pop culture that is usually gender biased by simply providing the Wonder Woman’s storyline that depicts her as a female heroine who is independent, with unique feminine values, does not require rescue, and one who determines her own missions.

Personally, when going through the Superman comic book, I was particularly interested in writer Joe and Jerry who were actually the founders of this comic books. They were Jewish immigrants who had adapted American values and used the comic book to depict their experience in the country as well as the various challenges in the country such as social inequality and corruption. It is also clear that Superman 1 first appeared in the shelves back in the year 1939 and has been going through up to date. Secondly are the writers of Ms. Marvel that was published by Marvel Comics. This comic was written by writer Willow Wilson, artist Adrian, and Editors Stephen Wacker and Sana Amanat. It features a Muslim American girl from New Jersey who first appeared in Captain Marvel 14 back in August, 2013, before she was featured in her own magazine in February, 2014.

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