Bank Management Assignment

For this assignment, you should select two banks. One is from the list of Commercial Banks and the other is from the list of Savings Banks. The list of these banks can be found on page 39 of your textbook. Banks choosen are TD Bank and The Provident Bank.

Using the summary UBPR page (page 1) for your bank, you should do peer-group analysis and time-series analysis. You can search and download UBPR Reports from the following link (

You don’t need to calculate each ratio because you can find the summary of each ratio from page 1.

The 1st part of this assignment is to do peer-group analysis using the more recent data (e.g., 12/31/2017). Using this data, you should explain whether your bank a high- or low-performance bank compared with peers for each category of ratios. You can also find information about peers in the same summary page.

The 2nd part of this assignment is to do time-series analysis focusing on your bank. The summary page will show you each ration for the past 5 years. Using this data, you should explain how each ratio changes over time and what these changes mean.


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