Backyard weather station

For this week’s lab, you will build a backyard weather station that you will use to collect at least five days’ worth of measurements (see Module 7 lab). The instructions for building most of the weather instruments are located here: (Links to an external site.). Directions for a do-it-yourself thermometer are found here: (Links to an external site.).

Following the instructions provided, construct a barometer and a thermometer, along with at least one of the other four possible instruments (hygrometer, wind vane, anemometer, rain gauge). When constructing your thermometer, please complete the calibration step, which will require a store-bought one (listed as optional in the instructions).

Take a digital photograph of each instrument that you construct. Include in your photo a strip of paper with your name and the date on it.

For your lab report this week, submit a short essay covering every weather instrument in turn: thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, wind vane, anemometer, rain gauge (even the ones you did not build).

For each one, provide a brief history behind it; discuss what it measures; explain how your instrument works; and explain what information it provides about current and potential future weather conditions. Follow APA formatting guidelines, according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.) for the title and sources cited.


Last Updated on March 18, 2021

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