Audit Of American Airlines

We’ve spent the last weeks looking back at United Airlines and where they have been, what they have done, and how successful (or not) those strategic maneuvers have been. This historic perspective will be useful to formulate the Red Ocean strategies for UAL.

This week we’re going to delve more deeply into the elements of the HOOF approach – specifically the drivers of the future and what the trends of/in the future might be. These considerations are critical for the Blue Ocean strategy as we think UAL forward and into what we hope is that uncontested marketspace where the fierce competition of today is irrelevant.

So, return to your HOOF analyses and begin with the factors that you found as drivers of the future.

Create a HOOF table that begins with the ‘Now’ column and then add to that a ‘Next Few Years/Near Future’ column that looks out 1 – 3 years and then one for the ‘Next Few Years/Near Future’ that looks out 5 5- 10 years.

Research and add as many elements as you can think of as a foundation for our exploration of the possible Red and Blue Ocean strategies next week.

Element Now Next Few Years/Near Future Next Few Years/Near Future

Audit Of American Airlines

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