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Assignment: PowerPoint® Research Proposal

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the topics and concepts that were introduced throughout the course including study questions, purpose of research, study design, sample size, data collection, data analysis, and reporting findings
  • Revise the pieces of your research based on feedback

Below is the research topic you may use and some information on it.

Research Problem

Cardiovascular disease is medically considered as a condition involving narrowing or blocking of blood vessels that result to stroke, angina and heart attack due to an increase of blood pressure that destroys the normal functioning of the rhythm, valves or muscles of the heart (Ferdinand & Armani, 2017). Hence, cardiovascular disease is a condition that is claiming the lives of people with an increased case in the 21st century due to a sedentary lifestyle. Due to global concern, this research study ought to discuss cardiovascular diseases in minority population.

The aim of the Study

Lifestyle has changed from active to inactive due to an improved mode of transport, eating habit and urbanization that has attracted less exercise that is majorly attributed to cardiovascular diseases in minority population. Therefore, this study aims to investigate incidences of the cardiovascular diseases in minority population with the recommended solution.

To complete this Assignment:

Design a 9- to 12-slide presentation of your research proposal including the following information:

  • Slide 1: Title Slide
    • Name
    • Course Number
    • Title of your research
  • Slide 2: The Study Question
    • Identify your study question
    • Explain how you came to this question: did it stem from something that was observed, or did you brainstorm to find the topic?
  • Slide 3: The Purpose of Your Research
    • Why is this research important?
    • How would this research be used in practice?
  • Slide 4: The Study Design
    • Which study design is most appropriate for your research? Explain.
  • Slide 5: Population and Sample Size
    • Describe the population that is being studied
    • Explain how you selected an appropriate sample size
  • Slide 6: Data Collection Strategies
    • Explain the data collection strategies that are most appropriate
    • Explain why these strategies are most appropriate
    • You may need to add an additional slide to cover all of the information
  • Slide 7: Analysis Procedure
    • How would you analyze the data?
    • Include information on any ethical issues you may need to address
    • You may need to add an additional slide to cover all of the information
  • Slide 8: Reporting Findings
    • Identify the journals, conferences, etc. that may be appropriate for reporting the findings
    • Explain why you chose these means of reporting findings
    • You may need to add an additional slide to cover all of the information
  • Slide 9: References


Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure your in-text citations and reference list are correct.


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