Assignment II Q&A

Assignment II



The most valuable advice you have ever heard. (If the meaning is in Arabic write in Arabic and try to translate as much as you can…..make sure to mention from whom you heard this advice, where it was and how?).


Your advice you would give to the growing generation? Why would you give that advice?


If you were lost in a desert, what three things would you wish? (It can be an item, imaginary thing, person, tangible/non-tangible thing. Please make sure to write a deep critical/academic answer.


What is an open door for you? (This is a figurative question and I am expecting a figurative answer).


Please finish the sentence: “In 20 years, I am going to be…………..” This question requires your vision and passion in life. Please do not be basic and answer simply writing an engineer, or businessman. Give the reader details and tell the reader why you envision the way you envision your future.


Please quote one or two Saudi Kings from any historical period whose words inspired and empowered you………Make sure to write their words in quotation and tell why it inspired you. If you cannot find in English, please write in Arabic and translate as much as you can.


Note: Each answer should be no less than 250 words. Time New Roman, 12 font, hard copy in class.  Please make sure to follow the instruction.


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