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Assignment, Business

Assignment, Business

Financial Analysis

Project description

Financial Analysis and Requirement 2 spreadsheets

Nail salon and spa

A)Describe your pricing strategy for your product and service

B)Describe the amount of startup funds you will need, where you will get them, and how they will be used.

C)List 3-5 assumptions governing your cash flow projections. For a startup, assumptions are your “best educated guesses” regarding goals such as how many units you will sell and why, or what your cash flow will be at the end of each month and why etc. will you pay yourself, what will you pay your employees, will you use full or part-time employees, what services will you outsource or contract out etc.

D)Complete your start-up sources and uses of funds “opening day balance sheet.

E)Complete a one year projected cash flow statement.

For this assignment three written pages and two spreadsheets attached is needed for assignment.

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