Assignment about “she loves me” video

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Please answer questions in complete sentences with specific examples from the show.

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  1. What are the given circumstances of the story? In other words…
  2. Where was the musical set?
  3. What was the time period?
  4. What were the attitudes/relationships of the characters toward one another and toward their world at the beginning? (Be specific. Name characters. Describe the relationships.)
  5. How were the given circumstances (a through c) revealed? Through dialogue? Costumes? Set? Props? Song? Give examples.
  6. Main Character:
  7. Who was the main character?
  8. What was the main character’s major dramatic question/goal? In other words, what was the main character trying to accomplish by the end? Put this in the form of a question. For example: Will (the main character) succeed in (his/her goal)?
  9. Discuss the performances of three actors you found the most skillful and interesting to watch. Give two explanations for each actor to illustrate why you found them skillful and/or interesting.
  10. Discuss two scenes/moments/songs that you enjoyed the most. For each scene, give at least two reasons with specific examples from the show.
  11. For “a” through “e” below, discuss how each technical element enhanced or detracted from the production. Be sure to give specific examples from the musical for each.
  12. Set design and props
  13. Lighting design
  14. Costume design/make-up and hair
  15. Sound design/music
  16. Dance/choreography
  17. Did you enjoy the production? Defend your position with at least three examples/reasons.



See video and answer

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