Assignment 1: Where Analytics Fits in the Organization

In this week 1 assignment you are going to do something a little different instead of submitted a written document for the assignment, you are going to create a voice recording of your answer to the week 1 assignment.

I have several tips for you as you complete this assignment that will produce the best outcome:

  • Write out your answer to the proposed questions first sort of an outline.
  • If you are using a Windows PC you can use the Sound Recorder application found in the Accessories folder and you may save the file as a .wma or mp3 file format.
  • If you are using a Mac you can use Garage Band using the voice setting to record your reply.
  • You can use any voice recording application you may have or use as long as the file you submit is in a .mp3, .wav, wma format.
  • Be sure to answer the assignment by covering all the questions proposed.

Have fun with this assignment, and if you have any questions or concerns please let me know by a classroom message.

In the graphic below, you see that Web Analytics is the center of the universe so to speak. When your company or organization uses the Web (Internet) it is both your research tool and feedback tool. The outer ring depicts the various departments or sides of your business that would use a web analytics tool.
Assignment Instructions: For this assignment, be sure to complete the following:

  • Use any two (2) of the outer ring company department areas
  • Describe how web analytics would assist the organization/company departments you selected with its goal of feedback and customer research.

Image adapted from (Clifton, 2012, p. 17) Please submit your audio file with your answers, be sure you have covered all the questions. Be sure to place your Name on your audio file when you submit, for example:


Assignment Rubric:

Requirements Points
Audio file submitted to answer the assignment 20
Concepts of web analytics used to describe how the company department will best use web analytics to meet its goals 65
Student spoke clearly and could be understood 15
Assignment Late Penalty (per day late) -10
Total Points 100


Clifton, B. (2012). Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics (Third Edition ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing Inc.


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