Assessment task title: Assignment 2 – Individual Essay (Part II)

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Weighting/Value: 20%
Details of Task: Critically discuss the following statement:
“Despite aiming for vastly different goals, the approaches to management used in for-profit and notfor-profit
organisations are largely similar.”
Through the use of relevant theory and real-life company examples, write an argumentative
academic essay addressing the above statement.

Word limit: 1200 words (+/- 10%)

Criteria for marking: The essay will be assessed and marked based on five sections:
● Introduction 10%
● Body 60%
● Conclusion 10%
● Presentation 10%
● Referencing 10% (must be APA, and in-text APA too)

(SOURCES – 7 academic sources, preferably academic journal
articles plus 2-3 reputable and reliable non-academic sources
to derive real-life corporate examples)

(3 Body Paragraphs with the 4th being a rebuttal paragraph explaining why “my” stance is more valid/convincing)

(Articles to be within the the past 5-6 years, or after 2000).

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