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Aspects of Human Sexuality


First, explore the CDC website regarding Adolescent and School Health ( the questions and data collected regarding sexual behaviors in the YRBSS data. Then write a response to the prompt below. In your response, you will need to provide references and details to “show” your learning process.


Based on what  you have read and seen in the resources. Is there a need to conduct human sexuality research? Explain your rationale with support from other sources of why you think so and why or why you think this research is needed. Describe the method used to collect this data (Hint: left-hand navigation bar on the CDC YRBSS webpage has a listing for “Methods”). Explain and describe the ethical considerations for collecting sexual behavior and then explain if you feel that proper ethical considerations were conducted in the survey.

Then discuss and explain what data showed for High School and Middle School pertaining to sexual risk behaviors (such as HIV, STDs, and teen pregnancy rates) and prevention (Hint: left-hand navigation bar on the CDC YRBSS webpage has a listing for “Results”). Then provide your opinion (based on the information you have read and reviewed) on if you feel these results are an accurate representation of high school and middle school students. Explain if you feel these are credible results and provide rationale of why you think they are or are not credible.

Now, let’s reflect on how you could use this data in your future. With your career choice, how could you use this data? For example, if you are going to be a health educator, how could you use this data? Provide details of if and how the data might be useful to you in your field of study.


Last Updated on January 25, 2018

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