Art appreciation

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From the questions listed here, choose 2 and answer them

Each answer should be 500-1000 words.

Since these are open-book and open-note essays, your answers
should be accurate and reflect a comprehension of the larger
concepts behind each question.

Original ideas are encouraged and never be afraid to disagree or
bring in a new interpretation! Just be sure to back it up with solid

1. Based on the proposed purposes of art as presented in
your textbook and/or in our class lectures, choose an
artwork from the text (or your own life) and describe how it
fulfills one or more of these purposes.

Make sure you use your own words in this answer.

2. Consider the psychology of color as we have discussed it
so far. What are some examples from the text, lectures, or
your own life of artists or designers using color to
manipulate the emotions of their audience? Make sure you
describe what properties of color are being adjusted to
achieve the artist or designer’s goal.

3. How do artists use lines, colors, and forms when
creating artworks? You can focus on just one of these
elements, two of them, or all three in your answer. From
there, you can discuss how one or more is used to create a
sense of motion, texture, emphasis, etc.


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