Archaeology of Palmyra Syria

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You must find at least 8 strong academic sources (recent peer reviewed journals are best) which provide the answers to the five questions above for your presentation. Your bibliography is a listing of these 8 (or more) sources, along with some basic details about each one. Another name for this is a literature review.

Make a cover page for your bibliography. Put the name of the site, your own name and student #, and the section number and course number. Underneath, write “I claim sole authorship of this writing.” and sign your name.

On a separate page for each source, provide a reference for the source in APA format, which includes the author(s), year of publication, article title and journal title (for a peer reviewed journal). Underneath, provide detailed answers in your own words to the following questions in this order:

  1. How do you know this source is credible? Provide detail about the author(s) qualifications, the type of publication (for instance, a peer reviewed journal), and the methods of the study. Provide specific detail from the source.
  2. Which SPECIFIC concepts relating to the course (ANTH 1300) are used in the source? Do not just list them, explain how they are used. Provide specific detail from the source.
  3. How did you use the source in your presentation? Which details were important for your presentation, and how did you use them?

The above questions should all be answered on a single double spaced page underneath the reference for the source itself.

You must have a minimum of eight strong, academic sources. You will also want to make sure your sources are up to date (recently published). Use peer reviewed journals, academically published books (especially edited volumes). Anything less than this will seriously impact your mark on the assignment. Stay away from encyclopaedias, newspapers, National Geographic (and Enquirer!), uncredited (no author) websites, Wikipedia, and magazines. You will lose marks for using inappropriate sources like these. In addition, print out the first page of each source (or photocopy) and attach these pages to your assignment.

CRITICAL to your bibliography is proper referencing of your sources. Your bibliography will use APA style. No footnotes! A guide to APA citations can be found here:


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