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Applied methodology template

Identify a high-level topic of relevance (i.e., an opportunity for improvement) within your discipline that is supported by published empirical research (published within the past five years). Examples include:

  • Student Retention (Education)
  • Patient Satisfaction (Healthcare)
  • Disruptive Innovation (Business)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Management)

Consider specific interventions (i.e., applied concepts or methods) that are informed by scholarly research and have been used by your organization or discipline to address your selected topic. For example, motivational design principles are often integrated into course curricula to support student retention efforts.

Select one intervention that you believe has affected a level of positive change in your organization or discipline.

Locate a peer-reviewed article that employed a quantitative methodology to establish a basis of research for your selected intervention.

Identify the following components within your selected article:

  • APA Citation
  • Research Question
  • Hypotheses
  • Variables
  • Sample Population
  • Data Collection/Instrumentation
  • Descriptive Statistics Procedure(s)
  • Inferential Statistics Procedure(s)
  • Summary of Findings

Use the Examining Applied Methodology template to report your findings.


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