Applied Behavior Analysis

Use your knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis to develop a plan to address THREE of the school or classroom situations. Write a paragraph per situation. You may want to write an introduction and a conclusion as well. Please incorporate terms from the chapter and focus on the section of the textbook. Use APA style citations and a reference page.

Janine, a sixth-grader, frequently interrupts other students during classroom discussions.
Nathan, a third-grader, is often in the principal’s office for teasing kindergarten students during recess.
Yvette, a high school junior, waits until the night before an exam to do any serious studying or preparation.
Ted, a first-grader, eats very little of his lunch each day no matter whether he buys if from the school cafeteria or he brings the lunch to school.
Alice, a kindergartner, wanders around the classroom each morning while the class is participating in Circle Time.
Lester, a fourth grader, “needs” to use the lavatory (which is not in the classroom) every time the teacher is about to begin a new activity.
Blake, a first-year high school student, frequently makes inappropriate comments and “jokes” during health classes.
Bonita, a second grader, persistently informs (i.e., “tattles”) on other students for what she considers improper classroom behavior.
Jason, a high school sophomore, rarely finishes his writing assignments in his English composition class.

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