Anthropology writing

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SHORT ANSWER (1 x 15 points, 15 total)

Pick any ONE of the following four short answer questions. Your response should be approximately 125-150 words, a paragraph.

SA 1.Identify four distinct kinds of archaeological sites and provide an example of each (site name or other identifier).Briefly, how do such sites differ in terms of the methods used to study them?

SA 2.Provide a definition of archaeology and briefly discuss the various types of materials encountered. Be sure to identify at least one survey method and one excavation technique.

SA 3.Identify one prominent archaeologist from your text and explain their contribution to the field.What area of the world and what time period did they concentrate on?

SA 4.Discuss ethnoarchaeology and specify its position within archaeology.According to your text and the class web sites, what is its contribution to archaeology?


Choose only ONE of the following essay questions to answer. Your essay should be at least 450 words (about 1.5 double-spaced pages).

E4. Briefly, outline the main questions archaeologists ask about the past. Place your discussion within the context of changes in archaeological theory you have read about. In other words, what are the main conceptual frameworks or periods in archaeological practice? Discuss examples of sites that are historically important and at least one key archaeologist for each period discussed.


Must use reading from (Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) :…


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