Animal behavior

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Each student will write a paper reviewing research on any topic related to animal behavior. It
can cover any range of organisms, but should be narrow enough that the paper can be reasonably
comprehensive. The main text of the paper, excluding bibliography, should be 5-7pp, double spaced, 12-point
font, with 1 inch margins.

The paper should have a brief general introduction to the topic, with the remainder
subdivided into topical sections and a conclusion. At least 7 references of the primary literature should be cited
within the paper. A bibliography including all of these citations should appear at the end, in APA format; see
the following site for help:

Papers from recitation may be cited, but they do not count towards the 10 reference minimum. The paper should not include direct quotations, but all significant factual points should be referenced. Citations of magazines, news, textbooks, or websites are inappropriate. Write the paper about how global warming can affect migratory patterns of birds. narrow the topic to within a certain family or clade of birds.

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