Analyzing Standards

Using this topic’s materials, review the requirements of the:
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: Five Core Propositions
Council for Exceptional Children Initial Level Special Educator Preparation Standards
Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium Standards
Using the “Analyzing Standards Template,” compare the similarities and differences among the NBPTS, CEC, and InTASC standards or core propositions.
In addition, after completion of the template, compose a 500-750 word reflection addressing the following questions using the “Analyzing Standards Template”:
What similarities and differences did you notice amongst the standards or core propositions?
What standards or core propositions do you feel confident in addressing in your future professional practice with your future students?
What standards or core propositions, if any, do you foresee as being challenging in your future professional practice specific to the grade level you anticipate to teach?
What are the requirements to become a National Board Certified Teacher? Does becoming a National Board Certified Teacher interest you? Why or why not?

Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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