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Analyzing Focus Group Findings

To ensure the success of a program evaluation, a social worker must generate a specific detailed plan. That plan should describe the goal of the evaluation, the information needed, and the methods and analysis to be used. In addition, the plan should identify and address the concerns of stakeholders. A social worker should present information about the plan in a manner that the stakeholders can understand. This will help the social worker receive the support necessary for a successful evaluation.

To prepare for this Assignment, identify a program evaluation you would like to conduct for a program with which you are familiar. Consider the details of the evaluation, including the purpose, specific questions to address, and type of information to collect. Then, consider the stakeholders that would be involved in approving that evaluation. Review the resources for samples of program evaluations.

Submit the Following: The organization to be evaluated the Guardian ad Litem Program

A 1-page stakeholder analysis that identifies the stakeholders, their role in the agency and any concerns that they might have about the proposed program evaluation

A 2- to 3-page draft of the program evaluation plan to submit to the stakeholders that:

Identifies the purpose of the evaluation
Describes the questions that will be addressed and the type of information that will be collected
Addresses the concerns of the stakeholders that you identified in your Stakeholder Analysis

APA format heading introduction and conclusion a must.

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